Benefits of Massage

Massage is a common form of treatment for musculoskeletal conditions and tensions placed upon our bodies. Massage can provide relief from some postural strains and exercise induced injury. Massage can offer a release from physical strain and tension to muscles as well as much needed time out to relax and concentrate on our own well being.

Some of the benefits you may experience from massage include:

Reducing muscle tension
Reducing pain and stiffness
Reducing RSI
Relieving tension headaches
Relieving sports injury
Relieving pregnancy related muscle strain or tension
Promoting relaxation
Improving circulation
Improving range of motion and ease of movement
Improving well being

Specific conditions which may benefit from massage include:

Low back pain
Neck pain
Tension headaches
Sporting or dancing injuries
Ergonomical and postural strain
Circulation and fluid disorders
Pregnancy induced muscle strain and tension
Shoulder injuries
Joint restriction and pain 
Work related or other postural injuries

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