What is Osteopathy


Osteopathy was founded by Dr Andrew Taylor Still and is one of the oldest of the modern manual medicines with its origins dating back to 1874, in Kirksville, Missouri USA.

Osteopathic technique and management focuses on restoring function and correcting the structure to the musculoskeletal system to improve movement and relieve pain. Osteopaths are well regarded for their unique approach to assess the patients structural, functional and postural imbalances and tailor a treatment specific to the patients needs.

Osteopathic treatment and management encompasses a wide variety of effective hands on techniques applied with care to bring about changes and release tense and restricted tissues. Osteopaths are trained in the diagnosis, treatment and management of musculo-skeletal disorders such as:

- Back pain and neck pain

- Shoulder pain

- Some headaches 
- Conditions experienced during and after pregnancy: such as low back strain, joint pain, Postural and mobility problems
- Lower back, pelvic and lower limb referred pain
- Some childhood musculoskeletal conditions
- Sporting injuries and rehabilitation from injury
- Acute trauma management for the musculoskeletal system

Osteopaths use a wide variety of techniques which can help with pain relief such as:

- Soft tissue massage
- Joint articulation
- Joint manipulation and mobilisation
- Soft tissue massage
- Muscle energy technique
- Home advice including ergonomic changes at work and the use of exercise prescription

At Keilor Health Centre we aim to deliver long term health solutions. In addition to our treatments, we focus on including proactive knowledge and self management strategies to empower you to take control of your own health solutions. Examples include

* Stretching exercises
* Strengthening and weight assisted exercises
* Body assisted and resisted strengthening
* Joint movement exercises
* Practical workplace and home advice and strategies

Osteopaths are university educated health care practitioners who undergo a minimum of five years of study and training. All of our Osteopaths are government registered and accredited practitioners recognised by private health insurance funds, government bodies such as medicare, worksafe, the department of veterans affairs and radiological imaging centres.

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